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Marine Castings

Marine Casting

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 1. Outline

Heavy casting products are mainly focus on offering big professional casting steel parts for both domestic and abroad key equipment manufacturing.

Capacity: max finished weight 400ton/pc

Material: carbon steel, low alloy steel, heat resistant steel and stainless steel and etc.

We have offered steel casting for the following equipment: 55000—320000 ton oil tankers, bulk cargo ships, container ships and etc.

 2. Marine casting certification

Marine castings have been approved by CCS, BV, DNVGL, LR, KR, ABS, RINA

 3. Achievements

Rudder horns/ship sterns/upper castings/bottom castings for 55000—320000 ton tankers or ships and etc. (max weight 175 ton)

 4. Cooperative partners

SWS, CSSC, CSIC, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry and etc.